Malfal International Business Development Group was founded in 1975 by Reno DeGiorgio and passed on to Nyx Nightshade.

Through their combined expertise in wholesale purchasing, distribution, import/export, marketing and retailing they have grown Malfal International into a major supplier to some of the top retailer channels in the world.

Through their continuing dedication to the highest standards of quality, exceptional manufacturer relationships and excellent customer service, they have positioned Malfal International as a leading supplier of branded skin care products, cosmetics, hair care products and confectionery. Headquartered in Ontario, Canada, Nyx leads a team of top notch experts in delivering on-time, the latest and most sought after products at the best possible pricing.

Malfal International provides services to all of North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand as well as the Republic of China with convenient warehouse locations near strategic shipping ports in both New York and the United Kingdom.